Promotion King Adword marketing

Usually there are many online search engines, but commonly known are: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. As, Google is the leading online search engine, that is why people use it more frequently than others. Therefore, Google has developed its Adword marketing tool, named as Google Adword, which enables a site to be on top of the search engines page. When a user search a particular keyword on search engines, a list of pages appears on the screen. With Adword marketing, the several list of websites links appear under the heading “sponsored link.” This system is also known as “pay per click” system. Which means you can dictate where your ad appears through bidding for a series of phrases, but you only earn money when someone clicks on your ad, that is why it is called pay per click!
The ad will appear on the page of search engines you decide you want to appear in. For example, at page 1 of Google, the ad appears at the top right side of the organic search engine results. You can also pitch at where on the page your ad will appear, via the amount you bid. In simple words, it means the more you bid for a keyword, the higher your ad will appear on the page.
Research shows us that 87% of web users emphasize more on 1st page result, so it is important to have your page listed on the first page of results. That is why; you can enjoy the more money when your website appears on first page of search engines.
So why use Google Adwords?
So from all these above discussion, you might understand that how important role Adword campaign can play for your website’s promotion. But why we should use Google Adwords? Because, in “browsing traffic”, or, the visitors that found a website in a organic result of search engines, behave a bit differently to traffic that directly comes from Google Adwords or “pay per click traffic”. The reason behind it is simple to understand i.e. the traffic that originates through organic search results is truly based on browsing for information. While, on the other side,  traffic via pay per click or Adwords knows that it will lead user to the ads. So if they need to buy a product or services, they would prefer the pay prefer Adwords. Therefore, you don’t need to have millions of visitors via browsing, perhaps, specific targeted visitors via Google Adwords.
How we do it for you?
First of all, we, Promotion King, will create a sufficient list of keywords that would be used to promote your website. After that we will apply certain promotional tools which shall enhance the rating of your website. It would be our priority to make your website appear on first page of search engine. The format of ads is simple. It consists of a website link and short heading with two line description. So in two lines, we will exhibit the excellent appearance of your website.
Benefits of Google Adwords
  • Enjoy more traffic at extremely lower cost.
  • Make your website more profitable with Google AdWords.
  • It will assist you to grow your business.
  • Provide clear insights into customer interaction with your website.
  • It will let you meet your business objectives and other marketing goals.
  • Ability to create 1000’s of campaign overnight.

Creating better strategies for Google Adword

AdWords Strategies For Improving Your CTR (Click Through Rate) with Google AdWords

The purpose of this article is to get you the knowledge you need to know to increase your CTR with Google AdWords. Why would you want to do that? Well there are many different reasons why but for now I want to just concentrate on two. The first reason that you want to increase your CTR is because you want to increase your sales. The more clicks you get, the better chance you have of getting the sale. The second reason is that the better the CTR you have the less you will pay per click. Your cost per click will go down due to a good history with your CTR. In other words the better your CTR the lower you pay per click.

AdWords Relevance

One of the best AdWords strategies you can implement immediately is to have your article be relevant. According to Google the better you are relating your AdWords Ad then better you are connecting with your buyer. Google is trying to improve the quality to it’s users, thus the more relevant your ad is to your landing page and product, the better quality experience Google’s users have. This is better for you because it helps to increase your CTR by having highly targeted traffic. It is also better for your buyer because the ad they click on will be highly relevant to the search keywords they have entered. This is better for Google as well because the more you make the more you spend to continue advertising with them. Additionally it improves the quality of the experience that the user has with Google.

Landing Page Quality

The quality of your landing page is also of high importance when using AdWords. Not only is this important for Google but this is also important for your buyer. Does your landing page have pictures? Is it too much of a sales page? Are the colors you are using appealing to your potential customer? These are all questions that you want to ask when making your landing page. Does your headline catch the eye of your prospect? If not you may want to consider changing it. Your headline is the first thing your buyer will see when going to your landing page. Why not make it count? Conversely some landing pages do not have a clear sales pitch. You must have a specific call to action. If you are not asking the buyer to buy then he or she will not. Lastly you want to proof read your landing page. If you have minor grammar or spelling errors then it can deter potential buyers as well.


In conclusion you want to increase your CTR for two main reasons. The first reason again is for increasing your sales and the second is for lowering your cost. Additionally the more relevant your ad is, the better experience Google’s users will have. In turn this is better for you and Google. In other words, this will ensure highly targeted traffic for you and highly relevant search quality for Google users. Moreover, your landing page is an important factor not to be overlooked. Your overall appearance, such as headlines and pictures will have a major effect on your buyer. You want to make sure that you have a sales pitch and a clear call to action. Most importantly don’t for get to proof read. Minor errors can cause a major loss in sales. The suggestions made in this article are important to include all AdWords campaigns and implementing them can help you to improve any marketing campaign in general as well as the use of any pay per click.